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African Black Crumble


Our 100% coconut oil based junk free and zero waste soap is made with your skin in mind. It is gentle on the skin and moisturises naturally while you wash your body.

Our Coconut oil soap bar with added african black soap crumble,

African black soap is traditionally used throughout Western Africa to heal problem skin. Most of the secret recipes for this soap originated in Ghana.

With mild and moisturizing ingredients, soap is perfect for the sensitive skin of babies and the elderly.

Much of the healing and rejuvenating effect of african black soap comes from its high vitamin A, E, and Iron content.

Not only will this soap cleanse your skin, it can also be used to help with:

  • thinning fine lines.
  • evening out dark spots.
  • treating eczema.
  • healing razor bumps.
  • eliminating blemishes.
  • lightly exfoliating.
  • giving you healthier looking skin.
  • balancing your skins natural oils.
  • healing skin rashes.
  • reducing scalp irritations.
  • reducing body odour.

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Saponified coconut oil, African black soap crumble


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