Activated charcoal shampoo bar


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Our 100% coconut oil based junk free and zero waste shampoo is made with your skin in mind. It is gentle on the skin and moisturises naturally while you wash your hair.

In stock (can be backordered)


Our 100% coconut oil based junk free and zero waste shampoo bar with added activated charcoal

Regular charcoal is super heated by a gas, which allows it to expand; creating a porous surface that increases its ability to adsorb toxins and impurities. What makes activated charcoal the most absorbent cosmetic ingredient in the market is its ability to absorb impurities.

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Weight 60 g


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Eco Earth Bar has decided to create a range of body products that are Healthy for your skin and hair, Animal-friendly and Eco-friendly. We have eliminated the use of plastics in the body bar range. All packaging in this range is compostable. The Bars do not contain animal fats, harmful or synthetic products. The lotion bars contain beeswax, but for the Vegans, we do have an alternative plant based wax.

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